I write songs about feelings. My mom is my best friend and a force of nature. My favorite word is love. Books, animals, and tiny humans are my favorite.

A year and a half ago, I took a leave of absence from Belmont University—twelve credits short of graduation—sold most of my stuff, and went on the road to tour solo for the first time. I drove my Nissan Versa across pretty much the entire eastern half of the United States.

I think we all have a calling, and the way we get about the business of doing what we were created to do starts by being who we were created to be—just as we are. When I'm up there on stage... it's take it or leave it. At the end of the day, you're going to get me exactly as I am. Through writing, creating, and sharing my true self through music, I hope that I can inspire other people to build up the confidence to do the same and start putting their own talents out there. At this point in my life, that's my calling—to help others live as their true self.

I think we were all born to live in that sweet spot of who we uniquely are.

These are a few of my favorite things :

  • Poem : Phenomenal Woman - Dr. Maya Angelou
  • Literature : Letters to a Young Poet - Rainer Maria Rilke
  • Time of Day : Butt crack of dawn
  • Game : YAHTZEE (Mom and I play this every time we see each other)
  • To do outside : Work the family farm
  • Toy : Boss RC 300 Loop Station
  • Puzzle : NY Times Medium Sudoku
  • Holiday : Christmas (I live on a Christmas Tree Farm)

Passionate about :

  • MS (multiple sclerosis) research
  • Children
  • Animals
  • Reading
  • Spiritual practices (gratitude in the morning is my fav)

Humans I LOVE:

  • Able
  • Exile International
  • Shriners Hospital
  • Cooper Children's Medical Center
  • McKenna Foundation